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Copper Finials, Hand crafted copper finials both Standard and Custom made in USA.
Made in America -USA

Copper Finials, Spires, and roof caps by New England Copperworks : Our made in the USA handcrafted copper finials, also known as spires, are the perfect accessory for your home, transforming an ordinary roofline, giving it an elegant finishing touch. Copper Finials and Spires add architectural interest to your home's exterior by placing them on your gazebo, turret, or cupola. You can choose from one of our distinguished designs or we will work with you to create a custom copper finial. Decoratively used, copper finials enhance any garden or landscaping area as well. Copper roof Caps are also available and allow for a nice transition along the roof line to the finial. We also specialize in Copper Finial, Spire, and Weathervane restoration and reproduction of existing historical finials and weathervanes that have been damaged or need to be duplicated.
We use a heavy gauge copper on all our finials and roof caps ranging from 24oz. copper 48oz. copper depending on the design of the finial. They are 100% maintenance free. Because of its durability, copper has been used for hundreds of years. The natural copper color will transform to a beautiful patina, actually protecting the copper as it ages.
Copper Finail on Home example
Standard Copper Finials or spires
Copper Finial on gazibo Home example
Standard Copper Ball Finials
Shown Above for
4", 6", 8", 10", 12" Large Ball Diameter Copper Ball Finials
Price includes spun cone cap as shown above**
Please specify roof pitch in Special Instructions area during checkout portion of ordering.

Standard Copper Finials
Shown Above for
4", 6", 8", 10", 12" Large Ball Diameter Copper Finials
Finial Example
Part No.
4 Ball Copper Finial
6 Ball Copper Finial
8 Ball Copper Finial
10 Ball Copper Finial
12 Ball Copper Finial

Hand Crafted Copper Finials Displayed below are 22 inches to 41 inches
Finials shown below with custom roof caps
Please call for Price Quote Roof Caps not included
Althea Finial
Althea Finial
22 inches high
Calisto-1A Finial
Calisto-1A Finial
30 inches high
Maya Finial
Maya Finial
32 inches high
Alexandra Finial
Alexandra Finial
32 inches high
Cassiopeia Finial
Cassiopeia Finial
33 inches high
Calisto-1B Finial
Calisto-1B Finial
36 inches high
Chara Finial
Chara Finial
41 inches high
Select the Click for Larger Picture link under each Final, to view actural deminsions
Height Dimension
finial example

Custom Copper Finial Roof Caps
Custom caps will be quoted
Please specify roof pitch in Special Instructions area during check portion out of Ordering
Copper roof caps allow for a nice transition along the roof line to the finial and can be made to fit any peak; including spun round caps, square hip caps, and octagonal caps with either a straight or scalloped edge. Custom copper roof caps can also be made upon request. You will receive a follow up call or email from us to finalize dimensions and roof pitch. Hardware will be included for mounting purposes; we will work with you on ensuring proper mounting hardware. Installation by a licensed contractor is recommended
standard finial roof cap Copper Finial roof cap example hip pyramid finial cal Copper Finial Roof Cap
Custom caps will be quoted, please select from the different styles below. We will contact you on the additional charge prior to fabrication. Your card will not be processed until final approval of your order.
Roof Shapes for Finial
Copper finial roof cap spun
Spun Cone Roof
Copper finial roof cap flat roof
Flat Roof
Copper finial roof cap gable roof
Gable Roof
Copper finial roof cap hip pyramid roof
Hip Pyramid Roof
Copper finial roof cap hip ridge roof
Hip-Ridge Roof
Copper finial roof cap ridge and hip end roof
Ridge & Hip End Roof
Copper finial roof cap 4 facet hip roof
4 Facet Hip Roof
Copper finial roof cap 5 facet hip roof
5 Facet Hip Roof
Copper finial roof cap 6 facet polygon roof
6 Facet Polygon Roof
Copper finial roof cap 8 facet octogon roof
8 Facet Octagon Roof


We are so thrilled with our beautiful copper spire. Part of the delight is due to the professional, ethical and businesslike manner with which our order was handeled.

Daryl and Paul F. Doucette , Pacific Palisadesm, California

The finials arrived today! Wonderful! Exactly what I wanted. I’ve made a cardboard model of the cupolas and the fit is perfect! Thank you very much for the great service. Best wishes for success in your business.

Clyde M.- Camp Hill, PA
Check our Photo Album for additional examples of Finials

Made in America -USA
Information About Our Products and Ordering 

Material We use 110 Revere Copper on our products however; we also work with Brass, Aluminum, and Pewter. For better strength on our hanging Onion lanterns we use copper plated brass chain.

Finishes We offer standard brushed natural finish, high polish, and a weathered finish. The natural copper color will transform to a beautiful patina, actually protecting the copper as it ages. Lacquer finish can be applied depending on the item.
Quality Workmanship - All our products are fabricated to the highest standards by our skilled craftsman
We use heavy gauge copper, creating each piece using various metal-smithing techniques including metal spinning for seamless strength and beauty to our exacting level of quality.
Electrical Components - Lanterns are wired to use standard bulbs, we used porcelain Leviton sockets.
All electrical components are UL approved

Custom Work Available - Any standard item can be modified. We offer reproduction and restoration of various items or creating a whole new piece. We will work closely with you to ensure your custom item meets your specific needs.

Payment and Shipping Options - We accept Master Card and Visa. You can order through our secured online shopping cart or call to place your order directly with us over the phone. Shipping charges are not available at checkout; after your order has been placed someone will contact you with shipping costs and estimated delivery time. All orders are plus shipping, and insurance cost. Shipments to Rhode Island residents will also include state sales tax. We typically ship UPS ground, however if a speedier delivery is needed we will contact you on the various options.
Returns and Exchanges - All our products are custom made to order. All copper ball, custom work, finial and roof cap sales are final unless prior arrangements have been made. Lanterns are subject to a 20% return fee plus all shipping charges. Lanterns must be in new condition and in their original packaging.

We strive to meet our customers' needs therefore please refer to our measurement chart of the onion lanterns before placing your order to ensure you are ordering the correct size. We will be happy to work with you in determining what best fits your needs. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

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